Game Design at CodeFest 2019

Creative OpenOpen Robot

Challenge Info

Objective: Provide a platform for student to showcase their creativity, innovative and programming skills. They are required to work together as a team to design a robot based on the given theme. Besides, they will also need to present and demonstrate their robot creation well to convince and impress the judges.

Maximum No. of Participants Per Team: 3-5 students and 1 teacher

Robot Kits: Open Robot

Mission: Create a robot expressing the given theme

Robot Building: Pre-build

Game Method: Presentation and on/off-line evaluation by panel

Age: All Ages

Robot Dimension and Weight:

The size and weight of the robot is not limited.

Restriction on Robot:

  1. Participants are allowed to used products other than MRT such as arduino etc. There is no limitation to the amount of blocks used to build the robot. You are allowed to cross use the parts from the above mentioned systems for the robots.
  2. Robots shall not damage any part of the field or obstacles deliberately.
  3. Robots allowed to move or make motion autonomously OR use remote control.
  4. Robots can use and add other materials such as camera, sensors, paper, rings, clips, chopsticks, paper cups, and 3D Printing materials etc.
  5. VAC (Volt of Alternating Current) power supplies are strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
  6. Robots shall not cause any danger to the arena & surroundings in anyway whatsoever.
  7. Robots will need to protect their sensors if necessary from any outside interference.

Game Rules:

  1. Method of a Match:
    1. Participants shall build a robot in advance.
    2. Participants are given 2 hours duration to prepare their robot.
    3. Each group has presentation time of 5 minutes to introduce their robots to the referee on the stage. Presentation can be done in English. If they are unable to present in English they have to prepare their own translator.
    4. Robots may be displayed in/around the venue. The team members or teacher may keep the robots and explain to the public.
    5. Participants should carry the printed manual (presentation). About the manual, please refer to the rule
    6. Theme : UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    7. The 5 themes are selected among 17 SDGs proposed by the United Nations. The robot can be based on one of the following field ONLY:
        a. Zero Hunger
        b. Good Health and Well-Being
        c. Clean Water and Sanitation
        d. Affordable and Clean Energy
        e. National Defense
        f. Sustainable Cities and Communities
        g. You are strongly recommended to study what the themes above mean at About the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Deciding the Winner:
    1. The judges will check if the team meets the requirements or not, and evaluate teams' works online first.
    2. The judges will notice the results If the participants are qualified or disqualified. 
  3. Score shall consist of:
    1. Relevance to theme (10 score)
    2. Creativity & Uniqueness (30 score)
    3. Robot Functionality (30 score)
    4. Team work (10 score)
    5. Presentation skill (20 score)