Game Design at CodeFest 2019

Coding MissionSenior Robotics

Challenge Info

Objective: This game required participant to construct and program a Maze Solving Robot that will move by following the line track and make decision at each of the junctions to reach more points. The robot is considered completing the task when the robot successfully reaches the END point.

Level: Senior

Maximum No. of Participants Per Team: 2

Robot: MRT 3 Kit

Mission: Program maze solving robot that make correct decision at junctions to find shortest route and gain all the points

Game Method: Mission completion and Time record

Required Age: 13 – 16

Robot Dimension and Weight:

  1. The size of the robot at the starting box shall not exceed 20cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (L).
  2. Each robot must fully comply with size restriction, even after all the appendages have been fully expanded.

Restriction on Robot Design:

  1. Robots shall not damage any part of the field or obstacles deliberately.
  2. Robots are not allowed to have any power supply above 9V DC (Volt of Direct Current).
  3. Robots shall not cause any danger to the arena and surroundings in anyway whatsoever.
  4. Robots will need to protect their sensors if necessary from any outside interferences.

Game Rules:

  1. Length of a Match:
    1.1 Programming, trial, and match session will be given for 3 hour.
        a. Programming: 1 hour
        b. Trial and match: 2 hours
        c. When match session, each team have only 5 minutes to run their robot.
    1.2 In the following cases, a match will end even before 5 minutes.
        a. When the task is achieved and robot stop at the END point.
        b. In the event of disqualification.
        c. When the referees judge that continuation of the match is impossible.
  2. Building of Robot:

    1. Prebuilt

  3. Starting the Robot:
    1. Whistle will be blown as a sign of start of the match.
    2. Participant is allowed to start (SWITCH ON) the robot using single switch operation.
    3. After the switch is ‘ON’, the robot should move autonomously and no communication allowed between the robot and team member (no assistance of remote control or similar) until it crosses the finish line.
    4. If the robot run out of the track or crosses the finish line while match, then the jury will stop timing and recorded as end of match.
    5. The participant who performs the starting operation shall keep distance with the game field area without touching or disturbing the game field.
    6. The participant who are touching or disturbing the game field will be disqualified from the match.
  4. Competition Tasks:
    1. Each team have to program their own robot when the jury showing up the game track first.
    2. Time will be given 1 hour for programming.
    3. When programming, each team member have to use software, robots that are not programmed through software will be disqualified.
    4. When the team has finished programming the robot less than 1 hour, participants are entitled to trial 2 times with 2 times re-try.
    5. In match session there’s 1 times attempts and 2 times re-try will be given to each team.
    6. There will be a trial sequence, if the team who first completed in programming the robot, then that team gets first order in the trial stage.
    7. Once the match has begun, each robot shall complete the tasks as below:
        a. Following the line track.
        b. Make decision at each junction to complete the task.
    8. All robots MUST stop at the END POINT in order to get 10 points.
    9. Timing will begin when the referee whistles at the Start line.
    10. Timing will stop once the robot stop at the Finish Line or the robot run out of the track and the time taken to complete the route will be recorded.
    11. Robots can deploy any tactics as long as it does not constitute a foul.
    12. The parts which are fallen or broken from the robots cannot be fixed back into the robots during the match.
  5. Deciding the Winner:
    1. Each robot will be given 1 times attempts include 3 times re-try to complete the whole course and the best score will be taken as the final score. The score priority consists of:
        a. Points (after the robot has following each obstacle).
        b. Time.
    2. In the event of a draw, or there are 2 or more participants gain the same points, the winner will be decide based on the fastest time.
  6. Disqualification:
    A team shall be disqualified if it commits any of the following during the match :
        a. Team member touches the robot without referee’s approval.
        b. If Robot is unable to move off 5 seconds after whistle blow.
        c. Robot does not comply with the size restrictions.
        d. A robot is stopped for more than 10 seconds.
        e. A robot is moved outside of the play field for 10 seconds.
        f. Participants are not programmed their robot through software.

Sample Robot: